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Re-envisioning Customer Service for Tolling

As consumers we have seen a transformation in customer service from the traditional ways once used to interact with service providers.

Remember when consumers could only rely on 1-800 telephone numbers to speak with live agents? Or needing to select from an endless menu of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) options? Or when we had to rely on self-service websites to learn about a product, or gather information to return it for a refund?

Increasingly, even walking into brick and mortal buildings to purchase desired items such as clothes, shoes and groceries, or making a bank deposit or withdrawal could be considered ‘old-school!’ 

We have undoubtedly seen a dramatic shift toward 24x7 omnichannel contact center support. And technology has been at the forefront of these changes to enhance each customer’s experience.

At Conduent Transportation, we are transforming the way our tolling customers interact with customer service operations by modernizing basic tolling call centers to omnichannel contact centers that go far beyond traditional call support.

As consumers, we expect immediacy. In our busy lives we rely on the flexibility to engage with customer service representatives when it is convenient to our schedules, using communication channels tailored to our personal preferences, and through preferred applications. Examples of this include:

  • We rely on personal mobile devices. Whether it’s a web app for your bank to securely deposit checks in electronic form eliminating the need to physically go to the bank, or using your smartphone to place an order from Amazon for same day or next day delivery of a preferred product. 
  • Our paper–to-digital experience has also evolved. Bills are now e-delivered to your bank account where an electronic payment can be issued. The transaction is entirely digital with no manual or human intervention in the process.
  • SMS text communication is now integral to our communication.  SMS text communication is an easy and immediate way to let a customer know about important and triggered events such as the delivery of a product to your doorstep or to alert you when your credit card may be compromised.
  • Social media is a readily accessed public domain.  If you have an issue with a consumer product, reaching out to the supplier on social media is often an effective way to have your problem resolved within minutes.
  • Surveys and collected feedback. Within minutes of purchasing a product, automation techniques are available to follow-up with a survey to rate the product or your customer experience.

In the transportation and tolling space, there are so many opportunities to enhance the customer experience, improve the cost of services, and change the way we work. 

To put these opportunities into perspective, the Gartner group predicts that by 2020, 85% of customers will engage with providers without interacting with a human being.  That’s why it is important to embrace this transformation and incorporate technological advances and intelligent tools into your services arsenal to offer customers different channels of engagement and enable self-services and improve their overall experience.

Are you ready?

Learn how Conduent Transportation is transforming the customer experience.