The Autobot Invasion is Here – Is your Organization Ready?

February 13, 2018

A recent Gartner study revealed by 2020 automation will reduce employee requirements in business shared-service centers by 65%. Today, businesses are upgrading to robotic process automation (RPA) tools that automate all or some of the steps of manual rule-based processes and tasks. Learning leaders have begun to map their automation needs to available RPA software in order to capture key benefits for their business:

  • Handling big volumes without adding manpower
  • Cost savings versus predominantly manual processes
  • Simplified ability to meet performance targets

From our analysis, Learning Administrations’ certification process was identified as one of the best initial candidates for RPA at Conduent. By applying our Conduent® Automated Intelligence technology, our teams were able to inject autobots into multiple areas of the certifications process and eliminate several manually-required touch points, achieving key business outcomes.









Podcast: The Autobots Are Here - Using Automation to Streamline L&D









e-Book: Using Automation to Streamline L&D

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