Conduent - Advancing Customer Experience

August 29, 2017

Our world is hyper-connected and mobile empowered. Your customers’ expectations are higher. They are more informed and powerful than ever. Experience is no longer a buzzword. It's the new battleground.

We help our clients to delight their customers with personalized, secure experiences across platforms.

Think about this:

  • 45% percent of 18-32 year olds use social media as their primary point of customer care today.
  • 85% of interactions will be self-service by 2020.
  • 87% percent of shoppers think that brands need to work harder at providing seamless experiences.

You need to know your customers, build experiences around them and create outcomes that earn their loyalty. At Conduent, we help our clients engage in valuable interactions as individual as the people they’re serving.

We’re applying our expertise in experience design, operations, analytics and automation to create and maintain moments that are seamless, compliant, secure, personalized and optimized across all touch points.

We’d like to use this expertise to create a more proactive and modern end-to-end customer journey for you. One that connects context with data and analysis to focus on personalization, individual need and real-time insight across all platforms.

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