Three Questions that Ground You in Disruptive Times (Part One)

July 10, 2018 Christine Landry

Do you know me?

In today’s business world, we’re witnessing an unprecedented level of disruption. Whether it’s banking, hospitality or transportation, entire business categories are being upended by new services and technologies that are dis-intermediating entire value chains. Operating in the digital realm, these new business models are nimble and able to seamlessly meet the needs of their customers by delivering over the top experiences.

How can we compete in this time of unprecedented change? At Conduent Continuum 2017, CEO Ashok Vemuri gave an overview of a framework we use at Conduent — an easy to understand philosophy that CEOs and corporate officers can use to take their companies beyond mere trends and buzz. It’s a framework that can help your company succeed on its own terms.

Instead of chasing a particular competitor, you can use this philosophy to help you meet the expectations of your end users –– whether they are consumers, citizens, patients or employees.

Make It personal.

The first question to consider is simple: Do you know me?

We all appreciate interactions where someone actually knows our name. It's even better when someone remembers a few relevant facts about us.

The same holds true for us as customers and employees in today’s digital world – we want to feel understood. We expect our digital interactions to be remembered by the companies and brands we’re in contact with. We want a personal experience:  we want to feel known and expect each interaction to remember us and have relevant information about us.

If in thinking about your company, customers and employees can answer "yes" to the question, “Do you know me?” then you’re likely using predictive analytics and cognitive solutions to  deliver personalized experiences, and your end-users are offered products and services that feel relevant to them.

As an example, look at Amazon: whether you use their site or their app, Amazon remembers what you bought in the past. Based on those purchases, it recommends what you may want to purchase next. The buying experience feels personal. Consumers feel understood. They feel known.

Knowing your end-user in a digital context is the first step toward delivering an intuitive, OTT experience and cultivating a loyal following.

My colleagues will cover the second and third questions to consider in the rest of this three-part series.

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