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MESC 2021- A Deep Dive into Medicaid Modularity Technologies

Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) is back in action this year, bringing together state and federal policymakers and program managers, software and project management vendors, and program and technology consultants.  

Conduent is a proud sponsor of this annual event and we are looking forward to meeting up with many of our clients and contacts in the industry there. 
Since the emergence of the HITECH programs and associated funding, followed by the eligibility and enrollment changes required for the Affordable Care Act, MESC has become a critical conference for human services technology leaders. There’s a packed agenda of sessions and priority themes that cover a wide range of topics crucially important to Medicaid programs, such as MMIS procurement, funding, regulatory compliance, Medicaid data & innovation, operations as well as health information technology (HIT), health information exchanges (HIE), and health insurance exchanges (HIX).  

MESC annually highlights the top priorities and solutions available for state and federal Medicaid programs. Two of those priorities that are top of mind are: 1) Meeting Medicaid modularity requirements and 2) Delivering an excellent constituent experience.  

Finding the answer to Medicaid modularity 
For state Medicaid administrators, an effective service-oriented MES function that aligns with CMS policy is one that achieves the right balance of modules, manages data efficiently and promotes reusability of components. Right now, states are looking to lower their operations costs while improving interoperability and making it easier for constituents to access meaningful health data and improve wellness for recipients. 

The Conduent modular Medicaid solution (CMdS) helps states meet that need, providing data-driven insights and technology platforms that can be used to help states reduce cost and improve outcomes with a seamless approach to modular transition. A modular framework allows states to implement the best technology solution, with greater flexibility as well as more options in both acquisition and implementation. Through the strategic use of technology and our deep experience, we help state agencies channel their resources for maximum impact to both members and providers — freeing them from managing costly and time-consuming technology updates. 

Delivering better constituent experiences 
Another critical aspect to driving a smooth Medicaid program is to ensure that the state delivers the best possible member experience at every touchpoint of the Medicaid program. That experience is intimately tied up with Medicaid eligibility and enrollment process. This can be accomplished through the strategic execution of technology. 

Conduent’s BenePath Eligibility and Enrollment Platform empowers states with a comprehensive CRM system with full support for Medicaid and multiple benefit programs. Our most advanced and comprehensive platform, powered with Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence enables agencies to serve their Medicaid beneficiaries with unbiased, streamlined and integrated, eligibility and enrollments experience. This empowers agencies to increase operational efficiency, streamline case management, and better serve constituents — all while reducing costs and mitigating errors.