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Helping Clients Visualise Information to Optimise Kerbside Operations

A new business intelligence (BI) dashboard platform is helping local authorities such as Oxfordshire County Council to better understand, apply and use kerbside information to proactively monitor and identify issues, take corrective actions and report on outcomes. 

Conduent Transportation’s UK kerbside and parking management business has rolled out the dashboard platform as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for UK clients to help them visualise, monitor, and improve kerbside management operations.

Hosted on Conduent Transportation’s cloud server infrastructure, the BI dashboard platform is helping Conduent’s compliance management operations team gain fast, flexible insights to inform operational decisions. Using the new SaaS solution, Conduent Transportation can quickly build and serve dashboards, while also providing the functionality needed to enable clients to design their own customised dashboards.

Clients gain the ability to:

  • Build their own geographic map-based reports
  • Create alerts that trigger when certain conditions are met, such as
    • if a vehicle registration mark (VRM) has more than a set number of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)
    • if PCNs have been held for more than a set number of days, or
    • if the number of online permit applications or renewals goes over a predetermined threshold
  • Construct user-specific dashboard pages relevant to each staff member’s role and responsibilities
  • Develop individual views of information most important to each user
  • Use animated charts to show trends and changes over time

Data-Driven Insights

Leveraging data classification, data clustering, statistics and economic theory expertise, our data scientists have harnessed the power of advanced analytics to help local parking authorities better identify and understand unique patterns that occur in kerbside operations. The dashboard platform can offer data-driven insights and provide recommendations to help clients better understand parking behaviours and affect positive behavioural changes. This offering currently plays a key role in Conduent’s intelligent, end-to-end kerbside management solution for Oxfordshire County Council. 

Dashboard view of parking enforcement operations

Dashboard view provides visibility into hourly and daily parking enforcement information, including the distribution of penalty charge notices (PCNs) as well as the types of infractions captured over a pre-determined time period.


As the first in the UK to utilise Conduent’s comprehensive technology and enforcement service, Oxfordshire County Council has realised significant benefits in both savings and service efficiencies during the last 12 months. As part of Conduent Transportation’s service, the dashboards provide enforcement managers and supervisors with an almost instant at-a-glance overview of on-street operations. 

The dashboard platform allows supervisors to quickly identify opportunities for enhancing operational practices. Supervisors can drill down on data, such as performance rates for Conduent’s civil enforcement officers (CEOs). These insights enable supervisors to quickly identify and introduce necessary measures to enhance service delivery, whether that includes on-street coaching, classroom training or other updates during daily briefings. The dashboards also improve accountability and response times for any possible issues, significantly reducing parking enforcement errors.

Meaningful Results

The BI dashboards currently enable local supervisors and managers to make data-driven decisions to maximise the efficiency of each individual team member. Insights from the dashboards can be used to optimise shift patterns, ensuring beats are neither too large nor too small, but just the right size to be effective. Managers and supervisors can also use the dashboards to create predictive models that identify optimal routes to patrol, hour-by-hour, and day-by-day.

Conduent Transportation’s back-office staff can also track the number of cases in each CEO’s workload, measure productivity over a defined period and apply predictive modelling to determine future workloads based on trends.

Collaborative Outcomes

At the start of the compliance management contract for Oxfordshire County Council, in May 2020, Conduent’s kerbside management operations team started working on the BI dashboards. Conduent Transportation delivers on-street enforcement and closed-circuit television (CCTV) review services under this contract, while the county council manages the processing of challenges and representations.

Data-driven analytics and clear visualisations have replaced formerly intuitive management with up-to-date, accurate insights. This helps operational managers make better, more informed decisions to improve performance.

“The Conduent dashboard platform presents information by providing clear visualisations of our data, which enables us to make informed decisions on our operations. Key performance indicator (KPI) information, as well as how the Conduent CEO teams are managed, can be drilled down to each individual beat, shift, street, or person and provides a more collaborative service and a more transparent experience,” said Jim Whiting, Parking Manager, Oxfordshire County Council.

“Having used Conduent’s Si-Dem system for many years with previous employers, I thought I knew what to expect when transitioning to Conduent last year, but I was really surprised by the capabilities of the dashboard platform. This has completely changed the way we support and deliver our compliance management service on behalf of the council. My contract management team monitors performance both in real-time and on a historic basis by day, week, month, or year, which we could never have done before. The speed with which we now pick up on trends and support our staff is beyond what I could have imagined,” said Martin Hill, Conduent Transportation Client Account Manager for the Oxfordshire County Council.

Since the start, Conduent data scientists have worked collaboratively with the council and local Conduent operations team to refine data and develop dashboards to support KPIs and operational performance and for management planning, to ensure the efficient use of resources. By continuously collaborating with the council and our CEO team, further amendments may be added to the BI dashboards as needed, based on the council’s feedback and evolving requirements.

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About the Author

Dean Fennell-Connell leads business strategy for Conduent Transportation’s U.K. parking, kerbside management and camera enforcement services. With over 13 years of parking industry experience, he supports clients and technology suppliers by identifying and integrating solutions that enhance operations and each customer’s experience. Dean recently won the British Ex-Forces in Business ‘Young Leader of the Year’ award and leads on the UK team supporting the Armed Forces Covenant commitments and is the chair of the Conduent Employee Engagement Group for military affiliates.

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