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Mobility, Electronic Ticketing and More on the Lakes of Lombardia

As a longtime provider of transportation services in Italy’s Lombardia region since the late 1990s, Conduent Transportation is always interested in transportation issues specific to the region. In mid-June, we sponsored a conference on the topic of “Electronic Ticketing Systems in Lombardy: State of Play and Perspectives.” Key organizers of the event were our local transportation partner Navigazione Laghi and ASSTRA, the national association of local public transportation. Attendees were directors of the main local transportation agencies in Lombardia, both public and private.

While many events like this are hosted in large conference halls, the site for this gathering was unique: participants were welcomed aboard the motorship Andromeda for a day of presentations and conversation. Andromeda was moored in the beautiful city of Desenzano, on Lake Garda, providing an unusually enjoyable backdrop for the event.

The host location was especially appropriate for the day’s first topic: describing the launch of the new ticketing system for the lake transportation network of boats on the three main lakes of Lombardia: Garda, Maggiore and Como Lakes.

A short cruise to Sirmione was another highlight of the Andromeda host location, followed by a roundtable discussing governance, stored value cards, online sales, Mobility as a Service, and other topics of relevance to the high-level attendees.

Presenters included Alessandro Acquafredda, General Director of Navigazione Laghi, and Gianni Scarfone, president of ASSTRA Lombardia. As Conduent Transportation’s representative, I also discussed our rollout of new electronic ticketing systems technology for more than 35 customers in Lombardia. The new electronic ticketing system solution is now ready to be delivered to all customers. We are honored to be invested in the success of transportation in the area and a valuable partner for shaping the future of mobility in Lombardia.

About the Author

Marco Moretti is the Managing Director of Conduent Italia, leading business strategy for Conduent Transportation in Italy. With 25+ years of experience leading innovative businesses, he supports clients by identifying and integrating solutions that enhance operations and customer experience, including mobility as a service, digital payments and digital ticketing.

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