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Enabling Virtual Learning Content for Employees

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Virtual learning content enablement (LCE) is the process through which information is disseminated across, within, and beyond the organization to a variety of potential audiences.

Virtual delivery of training (or virtual learning) creates a pathway for companies to disseminate important information for overarching learning and development objectives for compa­nies seeking to upskill and educate new employees, acquired employees, external partners, and their customers and clients. As a result, organizations need to be prepared to provide learners informa­tion through a variety of channels and methodologies.

This article will address the following points:

  • The prime audiences (or channels) for which LCE is frequently used
  • The multiple overlapping content areas where LCE is utilized across these audiences
  • The importance of creating a training blueprint for companies seeking to deliver virtual learning content across the organization
  • The steps companies can take to ensure a successful adoption to virtual learning content

By developing a virtual learning content strategy, organizations can effectively prepare to meet the needs of the modern learner.

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