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Kathy Mertes

Kathy Mertes joined Conduent in early 2022 as Executive Leader of Conduent’s Digital Payments Strategy and Solution. In keeping with Conduent’s corporate strategy, she is shaping the transformational role that payments can bring to Conduent’s enterprise suite of solutions by removing payment friction in a comprehensive, innovative fashion. In her nearly 30 years in the industry, Kathy has coupled her banking expertise with client needs in a wide range of industries from government, corporate, healthcare and beyond –– spanning credit card fraud prevention, innovating consumer payments at a top National University, leading product and operational responsibilities for money markets and asset management accounts at a brokerage firm. Most recently, Kathy has led key strategic teams at BNY Mellon Treasury Services. Kathy has been a featured speaker at various key industry events such as NACHA and IBTTA and is pleased to provide leadership as a member of The Clearing House (TCH) Corporate Advisory Group.