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Celebrating Fatherhood for Father’s Day 2022

It’s time to prepare to fire up the grill for Father’s Day!  This year’s celebration of fathers takes place on Sunday, June 19, and families are deciding how to recognize fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other special friends and relatives on that day.  Although one day is set aside for recognition, fathers make a difference for children all year long.  

How do they make a difference?  One way is obvious. Fathers help families meet financial needs by contributing as part of a household or by paying child support to take care of their children who do not live with them. Either way a father demonstrates commitment to his children.  

Other ways to make a difference for children are by sharing time with them and guiding them in learning and making decisions.  When you ask young adults how fathers impacted their lives, you hear stories about school, sports, backyard games, vacations, and other times spent together. And when you ask fathers about their meaningful times with their children, you will likely hear a repeat of those same stories! 

A number of proud fathers work to support Conduent’s child support solutions offerings.  I asked some of them to share a few words about what Father’s Day and fatherhood mean to them. 








Mark Groves, Michigan SDU Project Manager:  My girls and I enjoying playing golf together as a destination for special occasions like Father’s Day. I treasure the time we get to spend together. The older they get, the faster time flies.  It’s great to be a Dad. 

Patrick Collins, South Carolina SDU Project Manager: I like to have my son with me while I cook so he can learn to make meals for himself. I also am teaching him how to maintain a house so that he can fix things on his own and be self-sufficient someday.  I enjoy spending time with him. 

Hal Carl, Child Support Enforcement Systems (CSES) Manager:  All of my children currently live in my city, so I look forward to seeing everyone and enjoying their company on any day, but especially on Father’s Day. 










Bob Havanki, CSES Project Manager:  I proudly wear a “GIRL DAD” tee shirt and enjoy time with my two girls and my wife.  We enjoy adventure walks, swimming, and picnics.   









Alex Camacho, Client Account Director:  In my spare time, I love being with my family, but especially with my two grandsons who I adore. 

Conduent is proud to have great fathers working with us and proud to partner with state and county child support programs to make child support payments easier for fathers. Through the Title IV-D child support program, Conduent offers services to child support programs including State Disbursement Units, Child Support Enforcement Systems, Expert Pay services, Proactive Customer Notification, and other specialized services. 

Happy Father’s Day to fathers everywhere!  Keep making a difference!