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Effective Employee Onboarding

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A good onboarding program can provide two-way benefits – new hires can explore and experience company culture in a guided way, and their mentors and peers can learn more about the new hires’ strengths, growth areas, and how to best engage their skills.

If your firm is adding new employees, you’ll want to ensure that they are engaged and understand expectations and goals. You want them feeling confident that they chose the right employer by understanding your philosophy, values, and strategies.

If we consider employee onboarding as just another form of travel – a journey taken by new hires – it’s not hard to imagine how an onboarding itinerary could be similarly enriching. It ultimately impacts the new hire’s understanding and feeling of belonging. It engages new hires by creating networks of mentors and buddies, provides activities to experience a firm’s culture, and allows an exploration of “how we do things here” that affects ongoing behaviors and desires to contribute.