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Unlocking Opportunities for Immersive Learning

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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been widely used in the gaming and marketing industries for years. As the technology advances, we are seeing the learning industry capitalize on their applications and benefits. Higher levels of connectivity, fast processing power and lower hardware costs converge to make these once science-fictional concepts practical for present-day learning.
At a time when in-person training and scenarios are rare, it makes sense to leverage immersive technologies to provide people with the experiences they need. Read this white paper co-authored by Brandon Hall Group and Conduent, to learn more about VR and AR, how these technologies can be applied to a learning environment, use cases and practical considerations for organizational adoption.

Click Here to listen to the podcast where Betsy Geller, Senior Learning Consultant at Conduent, talks about future of immersive learning, how it fits into the overall learning strategy and when to leverage these technologies.