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Analytics For Newborn Readmissions

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State Reduces Newborn Readmission Rates Using Conduent Analytics

Our Care Management team recently saw the value of population health management when working with a state Medicaid customer.

Using a comprehensive approach to analytics, we uncovered causes of hospital readmission. We noticed readmission rates were highest in newborns. A deeper dive into the data showed rural counties had the highest readmission rates for jaundiced infants.

Armed with this data, we helped our client put quality improvement activities in place. Our efforts significantly reduced hospital readmission rates, helped avoid more than $1 million in healthcare costs and improved care of newborn babies.

Had we only relied on conventional quality improvement activities, we would have missed the opportunity to improve total population healthcare practices and make a positive difference in this state.

While population health management may be a buzzword, it truly is at the root of the services Conduent Healthcare provides for our clients.