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Caltrans Vehicle Passenger Detection System

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Caltrans—the state agency that manages more than 50,000 miles of California highways and freeways—was an early adopter of HOV/HOT lanes for congestion management.

Caltrans agency leaders knew the positive impact these types of solutions make—if they’re used appropriately.

HOV/HOT lanes operate on the “honor system” for compliance. It’s up to the individual driver to set the tag correctly or voluntarily comply with the multi-passenger requirement. The problem? Caltrans had no hard data to prove if these lanes were being abused.

Together we piloted our new Conduent Vehicle Passenger Detection System (XVPDS), which uses advanced video analytics and algorithms to detect the number of occupants in moving vehicles.

After collecting data over a few days of morning and evening rush hours, we managed to identify violators and calculate throughput–without human intervention—with 95.94% accuracy.