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Using Conduent Automation Suite to save time and build customer loyalty

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A leading cable operator in Europe needed a solution that would reduce errors and lessen the time it took agents to manually re-set their customers’ set-top boxes after a service outage. Service outages cost money and keeping customers online is critical to their business success.

Working with the cable operator, Conduent implemented the Conduent Automation Suite (CAS) a combination of process optimization, consulting and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to re-set the balance between manual and automated tasks. This solution reduced Average Handle Time (AHT) by 67 percent and provided faster problem resolution by 25 percent.

The cable operator now has a solution that leverages the unique strengths of humans and software bots to provide better business outcomes. It’s helped modernize the client experience and deliver more meaningful results for the customer, driving efficiencies and building loyalty at the same time.