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A Season for Children

The month of December is a busy month, filled with holidays and celebrations, many of which include gift-giving and good food -- lots and lots of good food! Children are the heart of the celebrations and they are the ones that receive the most gifts. Unfortunately for many of us, adults are the ones who eat the most food. Sigh!

Families spend time determining the best gifts for the children they love. We know that the best gifts we can give to children this year, and every year, are our love and support. There is no argument about the need for love, but occasionally there are debates about the amount and timeliness of support for children.

Conduent’s Child Support Services group is ready to help. Our mission is to help state and local agencies provide valuable services to the families that they serve. Child support payments help families work together to provide the basics and some extras for children. Our team understands the purpose, the needs, and the value of our services. We take that to heart. For those of us at Conduent, this is more than a job.

Over the past 10 years, Conduent has processed more than $150 billion in child support payments for state and local partners participating in the Title IV-D federal and state child support partnership program. Our accuracy rate in processing payments is 99.997% - quite an accomplishment in payment management of any type. We know that families need their child support payments quickly, so we have designed our KidSTAR solution to support high volumes and accurate posting—at great speed.

We offer multiple, convenient ways for payors and employers to submit payments including our own ExpertPay. This proprietary Conduent system allows registered employers and payors to submit child support payments to all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Our team is dedicated to serving children and families all year long, but we love the holidays, too. Our hope is that the work we do helps put some goodies in the stockings of the children we serve.

Are you ready for the holidays? We hope so! Are we ready to help? Yes, we are! We will work hard to ensure that payments are processed quickly and are on their way to make Christmas dreams come true.  Here’s wishing you the most joyous holiday season ever with a prosperous new year in 2023.