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Webinar: Building the Happiness Trifecta: Employee, Customer and Brand Experience

It’s no secret that great Customer Experiences drive better outcomes – satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, our recent study found that consumers are willing to spend 22% more with companies delivering great experience and 25% of consumers are likely to leave a brand based on the quality of their experiences.

But in this current environment of inflationary pressures and economic shifts, what is the next big thing to drive CX excellence? With consumers potentially spending less overall, how do you encourage them to spend more with your brand? 

During this session, you will learn:

  • How to evolve the contact center – people, process, tech – to improve efficiencies while enhancing CSAT
  • How to determine the right blend of high-touch human with high-touch digital
  • How to attract, engage, empower the best talent to deliver customer ‘happiness”
  • How CX can have a significant impact on your brand – reputation, revenue growth, loyalty, resiliency
  • Success stories on how building the happiness trifecta can strengthen your bottom line and differentiate you from the competition.