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Why Conduent for Government Eligibility Services?

Whenever anyone asks, I typically explain that Conduent helps businesses and governments manage millions of interactions every day for people around the world.

By leveraging the power of technology, we strive to elevate every constituent interaction and drive modern digital experiences that are more efficient, helpful and satisfying.

But for me, it’s about more than an elevator pitch.

Across the nation, Medicaid directors and other state government Health and Human Service (HHS) officials are juggling multiple urgent priorities. They face continually tight budgetary constraints. They must also keep pace with fluctuating regulatory and service demands – all while relying on aging legacy platforms and inefficient, manual or even paper-driven processes that hamper the delivery of crucial constituent services.

This is why many HHS agency leaders are evaluating how best to achieve their own digital transformation – including everything from augmented analytics, to Blockchain to the Internet of Things and other advances that will help modernize and streamline their operations.

State government leaders are also listening to better understand their constituents’ perspectives. Many states want to improve each user’s experience, to ensure that every interaction is intelligent, individualized, and immediately responsive to user needs.

This dedication to improving the constituent experience blends well with Conduent’s primary mission. We focus every day on the critical elements inside every digital interaction, including planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communications and material components – all to help you modernize and streamline HHS services and make every interaction more efficient, helpful and satisfying.

This is likely why Conduent is considered a strong, trusted partner to state HHS agencies. Ranked in the ‘top two’ among all HHS technology providers at the recent State Health IT Connect Conference in Baltimore, Conduent is well-positioned to help state agencies transform aging infrastructure and paper-driven, manual processes into modern, agile applications and services.

State leaders choose Conduent because:

  • We possess nearly half a century of hands-on expertise, which gives us an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges and requirements state agencies face. We can fulfill current operational requirements, while simultaneously working to streamline key processes, such as eligibility and enrollment, to help you better serve your constituents.
  • As a trusted partner in almost every U.S. state, Conduent possesses the expertise, understanding of state government operations, and ability to implement whatever changes are necessary to achieve your agency’s most pressing operational goals.
  • We help state agencies reduce costs and transition risks due to our intimate understanding of current government processes, programs and operational priorities. Unlike other suppliers, we require little up-front staff, labor, or educational investment to get up to speed. We understand state agency HHS operations like no other competitive alternatives, which means we can be ready to start work on day one.  
  • We are recognized for flexibility and expertise at delivering a higher level of transparent reliability and accountability for every operational process we support. Regardless of the challenges or changes your state faces in terms of regulatory oversight or shifts in leadership, Conduent is ready to adjust and adapt to ever-evolving requirements.

Conduent is dedicated to helping HHS agency leaders achieve their most coveted transformation goals. We can help you gain the end-to-end visibility, advanced analytics, accountability and massively scalable performance that you need to modernize all types of Medicaid and HHS eligibility and enrollment services.