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COVID-19 Response: Simplifying the Enrollment Experience

Conduent self-service portal helps agencies facilitate faster eligibility and enrollment to better meet unprecedented needs


The spread of COVID-19 is disrupting lives, livelihoods, and communities. Both government and businesses alike are facing critical challenges, such as broadly embracing telework for many employees during this period of stay-at-home orders and social distancing.  

With more policy changes expected to benefit programs, the workload on state social services agencies is growing as fast as unemployment claims and eligibility and enrollment requests from people across the nation.  

Right now, agencies are responding to multiple challenges at once. They must meet immediate pandemic emergency needs, mitigate risks, and help constituents recover, which encompasses ramping up services from unemployment benefits, to insurance coverage for COVID-19 testing and expanded nutritional assistance.

As social services agencies work to protect the community and provide emergency SNAP assistance, for example, there is an immediate need to make eligibility and enrollment processes easily accessible. Conduent stands ready to serve, with the launch of its Self-Service Portal, which supports federal, state and local health and human services agencies to meet daily mission-critical operational needs.

The new Families First Coronavirus Response Act requires states to offer ‘consumer-driven’ technological options that align with current expectations and provide online alternatives to traditional channels to apply for, determine eligibility, and manage benefits across multiple types of social programs.

Think about your last online shopping experience.  What were your expectations? A simple order form, fast service, flexibility to make a change, track your order, help if you needed it, and an option to provide feedback. Everyone deserves the same type of experience from public social services programs that manage health and human service benefits.

The Conduent Self-Service Portal is well-positioned to help your constituents learn about, screen for, and complete one integrated application for medical benefits, such as Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and non-medical benefits such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). 

By pro­viding a single online site for benefit programs built using the latest technology, social service agencies can dramatically improve each constituent’s experience—without compromising security and privacy. 

The Conduent Self-Service Portal is so flexible, state social services agencies can easily configure eligibility rules to meet evolving federal and state requirements, all to help make it easier for people to apply online, without requiring them to visit state government offices, or wait for communications to arrive in the mail. Constituents can even receive alerts and notifications related to benefits, support re-determinations or re-certifications and provide other relevant state program information without contacting a call center.

Leveraging our Self-Service Portal, authorized agency personnel gain the flexibility to offer access to a personalized dashboard that empowers the people you serve to apply for benefits, submit their documents, and manage household benefits once enrolled, and much more, online, 24X7, from the comfort of home.

Why not offer more of the self-service capabilities that your constituents fully expect?

To learn more about our portal solution, email us at or call     1-844-ONE-CNDT.