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From our hearts to hers: Celebrating Mother’s Day 2024

Three reflections on the moms and mom figures in our lives

Child support professionals are driven by a calling to serve families. And much like the families they serve, Conduent Child Support Solutions staff join millions of families this month celebrating the mothers and mother figures who help shape our lives. The impact of these women on our lives cannot be understated.

This year, we asked our Conduent team to share stories about their mothers. Here are just a few of their comments:


“My motherhood experience includes a stepdaughter. My son came to me one day and asked why I made my stepdaughter cry, so I went to find her. She was talking and crying with her dad about her birth mother. Tears welled up in my eyes and I wrapped my arms around her. She knew from that time on that I would be a mother to her. As a child, she said she would never have kids. Now she is an adult and is an amazing mother to my grandson. My heart melts every time I see how wonderful she is with him.”

- Stacey Cason
Conduent Child Support Solutions


“My mother was a complicated person and there were painful times during childhood. But she brought many good things to my life. She introduced me to music with a gift of a used piano for my fifth birthday. I wanted a poodle, so I was disappointed. Now I treasure that old, weathered piano. It was the greatest gift I have ever been given. She taught me other lessons: baiting hooks, using maple seeds to whistle, planting a garden, joining in a family singalong, sewing, quilting and enjoying the peaceful song of a whippoorwill in the moonlight. Most mothers are not perfect. My mom did the best she could, and her best was more than good enough.”

- Maggie Claypool
Conduent Child Support Solutions


“My mom went with me, my husband, and my daughter, Cassy, to “Meet the Teacher” the day before her first day of kindergarten. My daughter was appropriately terrified and excited about school. My mom was a 30+ year elementary teacher and had seen her fair share of frightened kids on the first day of school. She saw a little girl with brown curly hair like Cassy’s. “Look!” she said. “You both have brown curly hair. Maybe you can make friends now so you will already have a friend on your first day of school.” Wouldn’t you know it -- 10 years later those two little girls are still besties! And three kids later, I’ve learned that being a mom is not about engineering the outcome for your kids, but sometimes being a stepping stone to support them.”

- Stephanie Knuth
Conduent Child Support Solutions

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who make a difference in the lives of your children. We salute you and thank you for all that you did and are doing to make childhood memorable and special.  And thank you to our Conduent employees who were willing to share their stories.

Conduent is proud to be a partner in the child support program, supporting children, parents and families.