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Digital Enhancements Advance Way2Go Card Solution

Yesterday’s innovations are tomorrow’s dinosaurs. Moving communications to e-mail was revolutionary in its time, but now with immediate communications options ranging from instant messaging to Twitter to texts, checking your inbox can already feel old-fashioned. Faxes, flip phones and VHS cassettes: each was a dramatic leap forward, but got left in the dust by a new innovation.

So as we provide payment solutions for our government clients, we never stand still. At Conduent, we continually invest in the design, infrastructure, and systems we use to provide an enhanced model of customer support. As the way individuals live and communicate changes, we add new technical capabilities to our solution to reflect that shift. The result is an industry-leading, omnichannel solution that meets your cardholders wherever they are.

From delivering information to providing problem resolution, cardholders and state agency clients rely on us to provide a customer service solution as the first and most effective line of support. Our solution evolves as your needs do, always in service of the same goal: convenient, secure, professional customer service operations. And because our debit card solution is designed specifically for government, you can be sure we know what it takes to meet that goal for your agency.

Here are a few ways digital enhancements are making our card programs and customer service even more responsive, reliable, convenient and secure.

Agencies Can Issue Emergency Payments: Our web-based Administrative Portal application provides a secure online enrollment process for authorized State agency users to create a new card account online and order an initial personalized card for an eligible individual, similar to sending a record in a batch enrollment file. Because our batch process sets up new accounts within 30 minutes of receiving the State agency’s enrollment file, manual creation of accounts through the Administrative Portal is typically used only for emergencies to expedite access to payments/deposits.

Innovative, Omnichannel Customer Service: Our customer service solution features a full range of leading-edge technologies that have made us an industry customer service leader that Cardholders nationwide know and trust. Our innovative technology includes:

  • full-function IVRs
  • intelligent call routing
  • the Way2Go Portal
  • Android and iOS (Apple) mobile apps
  • A reporting function that produces reports drawn from any traceable element of customer service operations.

Cardholders Can Now Participate in Online and Mobile Banking: We provide cardholders a secure website, our Way2Go Portal, and a mobile application (app) for the way2Go Card Solution. Both the portal and valuable program features and services including cardholder material, account balance, locate in-network ATMs, request printed material, check deposits and their source, account and statement information, and other relevant information at no cost to the cardholder.

  • Way2Go Portal: A web portal is one of the best ways to create a positive customer service experience. Our Way2Go Portal at provides cardholders a wide variety of helpful features and services. Cardholders can easily navigate through the portal using our well-designed menu and screen flow. Cardholders access the Way2Go Portal using the most current versions of Internet Explorer and other popular browsers, such as Safari and Chrome, on a computer or on most tablets and smartphones.
  • Way2Go Mobile Application: Our more than 10 years of experience with portal operations for multiple states has given us a strong appreciation for the advantages and capabilities of this access channel, as well as insight into the online features that add the most value for cardholders. With this knowledge, we’ve provided our mobile app to compliment the Way2Go Portal, with similar features and processes making it easy for cardholders to seamlessly use both the portal and app. As noted, the app and the portal share login credentials. Our highly rated Way2Go mobile app provides cardholders another secure path to access their account information from their smartphones. This app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, which represent over 95 percent of all smartphones in use today.

The context for these innovations and offerings is simple: everything is built with the government agency and benefit recipient in mind. We’re not a bank, but a government payments program manager and processor providing a multitude of benefit payment services. And we look forward to continuing to provide these services—investing and innovating along the way—for a long time to come.