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EMV Migration

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While EMV-enabled cards are more effective at preventing counterfeit fraud, there’s no single tool capable of eliminating it. Fraud protection demands vigilance, the right combination of fraud prevention tools, access to data analytics and the expertise to deflect the ever-evolving threats.

Deciding when to make the transition to EMV is a complex calculation based on your program’s exposure to risk over time. If you run a state benefits program, it’s likely you’ll eventually be required to shift to chip-embedded payment cards. Federal programs already require it, and Conduent has extensive experience partnering with agencies to decide exactly when and how to make the transition.

Our white paper examines the benefits of EMV technology and other measures in preventing fraud at the terminal, as well as the regulations driving liability assignment in the U.S. It provides insights based on our experience at the forefront of EMV migration. If your card program is yet to make the switch, consider it a must-read.