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Open Payment Fare Collection Myths

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Open payment fare collection is transforming the way commuters pay for their trips, opening the door on a new era of convenience and mobility. But not all open pay systems are created equal. Making the right choice is critical to both implementation and long-term results.

Our eBook, “The Myth of Open Payment Fare Collection—Debunked!” examines 15 of the most common myths surrounding a complex topic that, frankly, has been a bit misunderstood.

For example, making an accurate comparison isn’t as easy as it might seem, especially when you consider that successful open payment systems are as unique as the cities they serve. They shouldn’t be “one size fits all”—and understanding your needs, goals, current state and hardware requirements is prerequisite to success.

The right solution makes it easier for riders to purchase, pay and ride—while lowering costs, increasing revenue and providing valuable data on system usage and rider habits.

Beyond rider experience, integration with supporting systems like accounting, maintenance and marketing ensures you’ll get maximum ROI. And compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) means increased control with fewer potential points of failure across the payment system.

If you’re busting a move to an open payment fare collection system, start by busting the myths. Download our eBook today.