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A Fast, Low-Risk Approach to Child Support System Modernization

Technology can be a powerful force for change, and when an industry is transformed by a wave of technology implementations, that effect is multiplied. When states built their statewide child support enforcement systems in the 1990s, plenty of great benefits resulted – more reliable and comprehensive data, streamlined work processes, and other improvements that made things better for children and families.

But because these systems were installed in the late 1990s, they currently operate on technology platforms that have limitations now. The demands of today’s child support program require systems that are flexible, have a low operational cost, and can easily incorporate new technologies.

States are tackling system modernization in child support with a range of different options, each of which has its own benefits and drawbacks. Many of the traditional approaches to child support system modernization, like system transfer, require agencies to obtain significant funding up front -- and a planning, procurement and delivery cycle that can last more than seven years.

At the recent NCSEA Leadership Symposium, Conduent facilitated a roundtable discussion with child support leaders to discuss their modernization challenges. We discussed how re-platforming moves the functionality of an existing system to a new technology architecture without changing the business functionality at a fraction of the cost and time of other approaches.

For many states, legacy system re-platforming is a practical option when there are:

  • Funding challenges for system modernization
  • High system operating costs (i.e. mainframe platform)
  • A need for access to a larger and more stable pool of staff to maintain their systems
  • The desire to reduce modernization risk through shorter projects and automation
  • Interest in leveraging current software products and technologies for more secure and maintainable systems

For more information on child support system re-platforming, click here.

To find the right modernization approach for each state, child support technology leaders need to explore which option best meets their priorities and needs. If your state might benefit from a discussion on the benefits of re-platforming, reach out to us using the contact form at right. We can help you streamline your modernization plan to realize the benefits of new technology while delivering crucial child support program functionality without interruption.