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How Technology Empowers Maternal and Child Health Programs

Every day public health officials work tirelessly to ensure parents have the necessary resources and skills for the nation’s children to meet their physical, social, and emotional health potential. The national foundation for ensuring the next generation’s health is each state’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Program, of which the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program is a vital component. These evidence-based models outline how culturally-competent and developmentally-relevant services can create a sea change in family well-being. Such change involves attention to multiple domains in one’s life. MIECHV Program staff work tirelessly to coordinate and collaborate with state, federal, and private partners in addition to the integral delivery of maternal, infant, and child home visiting services. Thus, technologies designed to support Maternal and Child Health Programs must be able to optimize local home visits while facilitating information exchange between health, social service, and child development professionals, and other community-based organizations.

Join us on March 27th from 2PM-3PM EST as Conduent Public Health Solutions delves into the inner workings of our home visitation system, Maven, and discover how this technology empowers MIECHV programs.  Our live webinar will explore case management, configurable process flows of information, and interoperability methods. We will walk through the business steps with a new mom while she completes a comprehensive needs assessment, care plan, and receives needed referral services.

With an integrated Maven solution, MCH Programs can share information across MIECHV and Public Health staff, as well as MIECHV partners to enable staff to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their work to assist families toward their goals. Indeed, as technology advances, demand for health data will continue to increase. Maven provides public health officials with usable, actionable data, allowing public health officials to focus on creative problem-solving in critical areas such as program planning and applying data to action.

We strongly believe when organizations are given the opportunity to experience a firsthand look at Maven, they can visualize the usefulness and need within their own department. We understand that each health department has different business processes within their program, and with Maven’s flexible and highly interoperable capabilities, it can fit seamlessly into new process flows, thereby adapting to each program’s system of services.

Register for our one-hour Maven demonstration to see how Maven can benefit your organization, learn about the unique configurability not available in competitor solutions, and get answers to any questions you may have from solution experts.  Attendees will walk away with a new understanding of how Maven can provide increased efficiency and effectiveness within your organization.

Registration is still open! Sign up today and secure your spot.