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Three Questions That Ground You in Disruptive Times (Part Two)

Is your experience built around me?

As my colleague Christine Landry wrote in her last post, we’re living in an era when all bets are off. It doesn’t matter how large or well-established your corporation is: Everyone is facing disruption. Past glories also don’t matter, and no sector is genuinely safe from rising competition. Simply put, customers and employees want your service to be Over The Top.

OTT companies are mobile-first and deliver simplified, streamlined service that flows effortlessly for customers. When your service is OTT, your customers become loyal, because they sense you're an ally.

At Conduent, before we build an OTT experience interaction, we consider three questions. The first, “Do You Know Me?” reminds us to make every effort to understand the customer, knowing as humans that all our interactions are better when we feel understood. That understanding can be gained by leveraging the data you’re already gathering.

The second question is as vital as the first, and has everything to do with the way you present yourself and build an experience for your end-user:  “Is your experience built around me?”

Make it simple, make it productive.

From the first, digital pioneers have prioritized services that are simple and productivity-boosting. Even a casual observer of Google and its services knows the company has a strong emphasis on speed and simplicity. As users, we understand right away how to use Google’s search engine and apps.

In the digital realm, the implicit directive to create fast, intuitive services comes from constantly keeping the customer’s point of view front and center, and considering the key question, “Is your experience built around me?”

Employees are customers too

This emphasis on the user experience also extends to the workplace, through what HR professionals call “the consumerization of HR.” The demand for simplicity and increased productivity means employees also expect a personalized and productive experience interaction.

Workplaces therefore must keep processes simple while remembering the adage, “Technology applied to a bad process is just automating a bad process.” To deliver OTT, employee tasks need to be sensible and efficient. Too often, processes are frustrating and more difficult than they need to be. Instead of preserving an old way of doing things, out-of-date silos must be taken down and operations simplified.

Attain this goal in a digital context, and you’re helping seal the deal on customer and employee loyalty. 

Fueling an OTT experience

Driven by the first two questions, “Do you know me?” and  “Is your experience built around me?” OTT companies are reaching new heights in customer and employee satisfaction.

By applying predictive analytics and automation they’re bringing new levels of immediacy, personalization and convenience for employees and customers. Reevaluating their processes and old ways of doing things, they’re keeping things simple and direct, fostering intuitive and productive interactions..

My colleague Srikanth Iyengar will cover the third (and final) question in our next post.