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Creating the employee, customer and brand experience happiness trifecta

The economy is uncertain, budgets are tight and workplace issues are more complex than ever. With these everchanging market dynamics, brands who assume that customers will grant them a pass for subpar experiences will be mistaken. Now, more than ever, the significance of customer experience is front and center and integral to balancing the “Happiness Trifecta”: an equation where a positive employee, customer and brand experience all come together.

During our recent webinar titled Building the Happiness Trifecta: Employee, Customer and Brand Experience, co-presented by Conduent and CCW Digital, the panelists and moderator discussed ways to bring any imbalance into harmony. Treating customers, employees and brands as a unified entity can lead to better experiences for all. Specifically:

  • Engaged, empowered employees benefit from more nurturing and thriving business cultures that prioritize their growth.
  • Loyal, satisfied customers receive better experiences, leading to repeat business and greater brand advocacy.
  • Successful, profitable brands benefit from greater spending, loyalty and references.

A few tips call centers can follow to achieve the Happiness Trifecta:

Prioritize employees so everything else falls into place

Our recent study, Channeling Happiness: The 2022 State of Consumer Experience Report, shows consumers are willing to spend 22% more with organizations delivering great CX. Further, one-quarter of consumers will likely leave a brand if they are disappointed with their experience.

We’re in the midst of a talent crisis rather than just a labor shortage. In fact, an outlier of 2023’s economic uncertainty is that the unemployment rate fell to 3.4% in April — the lowest reading since 1969. Culture matters, particularly in an era of quiet quitting, in which people are showing up for their job but doing the bare minimum. Building a strong organizational culture requires adapting to a changing environment and aligning everyone to values, goals and practices. Organizations must create workplaces that are centered around employee engagement and wellness with greater flexibility, on-the-job training and career development.  

To attract — and especially retain — talent, we need customer-focused employees engaged with their work. Team members should feel empowered to veer from a script when appropriate and make meaningful connections with customers by positively influencing the experience through personalization.

Treat customers with humanity

No matter how simple or complex the challenge, customers want to be heard and understood when it comes to brand interactions. Having a customer-oriented philosophy throughout your organization will translate to your staff being more aware, knowledgeable and empathetic.   

Understandably, if employees are treated compassionately, they are more likely to extend the same kindness to customers. This helps build brand advocates and a flourishing business.

Ensure your call centers represent your brand

Call centers have long been thought of as cost centers where customers file complaints. Today, they are end-to-end engagement centers where various types of customer interactions take place. They are where brands drive new business, instill lifetime value and gain key customer insights for future growth and business planning.   

Your frontline staff are an integral part of the overall customer experience. With the right focus and educational opportunities, you can enhance your team to be empowered and consultative. Trusted confidants listening and working to help customers solve real-world challenges will not only help resolve the client’s situation but also build the brand’s reputation as a partner.

Go for the trifecta

Every customer interaction is another opportunity to build loyalty and help your company differentiate itself from the competition. But to achieve this positive outcome, it’s critical to invest in your employees’ growth. When employees are trained and feel valued, those qualities will show through in how they interact with customers, resulting in positive interactions and positive brand perceptions. That’s how you achieve the Happiness Trifecta.