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Increasing Onboarding Maturity with Agile Learning Services

In today’s digital age, transforming your learning function and capabilities is top of mind for many CLO’s. Often this requires the help of a strong agile external partnership that provides fully integrated learning services that save time, money and increases performance. Particularly for B2B organizations, there is a growing demand for agile learning services to transform and improve their L & D onboarding programming and maturity level in order to increase new hire retention rates within the first year.

According to a recent 2017 Brandon Hall Group Onboarding survey, organizations with fully mature onboarding strategies are completely linked to learning and development and display certain defining characteristics:

  • Provide fully developed onboarding technology and content development services integrated with LMS and LCMS
  • Use assessments where high-potentials are identified
  • Engagement and assimilation practices are fully implemented
  • New hires are provided with mentors and coaches

As businesses work to gain fully mature onboarding capabilities with the help of agile learning services, many also expect greater impact on major key performance indicators beyond employee retention rates such as: revenue and performance, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Conduent Learning Services provide an integrated approach in transforming onboarding strategies that meet key performance indicators and increase overall onboarding maturity levels for a variety of businesses we serve.

Case Studies: Managed Services

We’ve had a long track record in providing seamless transformation, rapid transition and increase business impact that have improved onboarding initiatives for businesses with low to high onboarding maturity levels.

In several of our managed services onboarding initiatives, we’ve helped a leading technology company and sustainable energy company save onboarding costs up to 25% related to temporary workers in one year. In both cases:

  • We reduced co-employment risk by providing a stable, dedicated team, rather than temporary workers to manage services
  • Provided dedicated account management with deep learning expertise
  • Provided clients with onboarding innovations and best practices
  • Served as a trusted consulting advisor

In one program, Conduent Learning supported the design of leadership and individual contributor New Hire introduction and Immersion curriculum that enabled the client to scale growth quickly and globally. In another program, we implemented a managed services model that ensured client adoption of a performance improvement initiative. Here, our professionals focused on developing systems simulations and operational skills that enabled scalability to support increased learning demands from the internal business units, resulting in higher overall satisfaction scores.

Case Studies: Content Design and Curation & Learning Administration and Delivery Services

Reduction time to proficiency for onboarding new hires is a clear indicator of success for many organizations today. Traditionally the rub has always been: how to train new hires quickly and affordably while also making it engaging, meaningful and above all – memorable. Our Learning Services professionals improved several onboarding initiatives for a major insurance company and saw a reduction in new hire training times of up to 40% by cutting costs through curriculum transformation. That’s a reduction to proficiency from 3-6 months to 6 weeks – 19 days! To achieve these results, our Content Design and Learning Administration & Delivery teams created multi-week onboarding programs that included a spiral learning methodology based on experiential practices, authentic scenarios and blended learning components such as: elearning micro-modules, Captivate demos, informal videos, job and performance aides and coaching. These ILT, vILT, elearning and one-on-one modalities were able to increase overall new hire capabilities, performance and help new hires onboard seamlessly to their new roles faster with long-lasting results.

Case Study: Technology Platform Solution Services

For organizations with low to high onboarding maturity, a technology solution such as a learning platform is a direct way to deliver just-in-time connected learning experiences to your employees and increase your onboarding maturity level. In one particular program, we helped a leading camera manufacture implement an online multi-media learning management platform environment that offered diverse modes of just-in-time learning to employees and third-party resellers. The platform contributed to the optimization of their new hire sales force learning performance through entitlements engines, self-service registration and through the access, delivery and manager tracking capabilities for specific user-selected learning experiences. Moreover, our platform helped multiply course offerings by 650%, increase completion ratios of over 70% and helped users return to take additional courses by 72%.

To learn more about how Conduent Learning Services can help you improve your new hire learning strategies to increase your onboarding maturity level contact us at or 1-844-ONE-CNDT

Source: 2017 Brandon Hall Group Onboarding Survey