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Working Together to Put Earth Day into Action

1970 marked the beginning of Earth Day in the United States, and 20 years later Earth Day went global, elevating environmental protection participation among 200 million people across more than 140 countries. More and more companies and people began to engage in protecting our planet’s resources and today over one billion people and 190-plus countries now see Earth Day participation as the catalyst for continued action to protect our environment.

At Conduent, I’m proud of our team’s continued efforts to improve environmental performance within our operations. Conduent is focused on reducing the company's carbon footprint, having developed a more rigorous environmental policy that strengthens our commitment to environmental protection and climate change. We have also enlisted the support of our vendor partners to expand opportunities to protect our planet, and ensure we improve in these areas by tracking and reporting on our progress.

Our most recent Corporate Social Responsibility Report not only highlighted Conduent’s commitment to business ethics and promoting diversity and inclusion, but also marked progress in reducing our carbon footprint including:

  • Reduced real estate footprint by over 52% since 2017
  • Obtained 19.3% of grid energy from renewable sources
  • Reduced Scope 2 carbon emissions by 23% year over year 
  • Recycled more than 53M pounds of paper since 2017
  • Responsibly disposed or recycled 7,621 pieces of e-waste in 2020

We expect to demonstrate more progress when Conduent’s 2021 CSR Report is published in Q2.

I’m proud of our company’s efforts, and further encouraged by how our associates are ramping up environmental activities across the many different regions we operate in. For example, in Puerto Rico, a team of nearly 125 volunteers recently helped clean up in the “Punta Salinas – Adopt a Beach” event, and in Jamaica a team of 50 will be doing similar beach cleanups in Montego Bay and Kingston. In the Philippines, associates launched a campaign to reduce the use of plastic, paper, and electricity, which begins with the distribution of 5,000 metal dining utensils to replace plastic cutlery and switching from fluorescent to LED lights to increase energy efficiency. And in India, team members have taken a pledge to not use paper products on the day.  Other efforts are underway in many of our locations around the world, where our teams are working together to put Earth Day into action.

I’m inspired by how our associates have embraced and engaged in Earth Day. This enthusiasm for protecting our planet tells me that more people inside and outside of Conduent see this as our collective priority and responsibility. This also is an example of the strong culture that keeps Conduent’s associates engaged and delivers value for our clients, their customers, and our communities. I appreciate our team’s actions, hard work and volunteerism in support of Earth Day.

About the Author

Cliff Skelton, Conduent President & CEO: Cliff is driving Conduent’s strategy to deliver mission-critical services and solutions to global businesses and governments, creating exceptional outcomes for them and the millions of people they serve. As both CEO and a Member of the Board, he is focused on leading Conduent to growth and long-term success. Cliff has significant experience in large-scale operations and enterprise transformations, as well as deep knowledge of technology. He joined Conduent from Fiserv Corporation, where he most recently served as President of Fiserv Output Solutions, where he drove large-scale transformation of the company’s technology services, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its technology platforms.

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