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eBook: Helping Government Meet COVID-19 Crisis Demands

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Federal, state and local institutions are fighting to assist in our nation’s recovery. Public servants across all government levels are working to overcome various challenges to better protect public health and safety, and deliver much needed unemployment insurance, medical benefits and supplemental nutrition and food assistance to help families and individuals in need.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed operational vulnerabilities across nearly every industry. Part of our nation’s economic recovery will depend on how well we can focus on fixing the underlying, intractable, fragile points of weakness. Across all industries in the private and public sector, this will go a long way to helping everyone regain a sense of normalcy and resiliency.

In the meantime, Maven is proving Conduent has what it takes to help public health agencies quickly scale operations to trace contacts and monitor cases of COVID-19, just as we have helped many agencies to overcome prior pandemics, including SARS, H1N1 and Ebola over the last two decades.

As a leader in the government payments industry, Conduent will continue helping health and human services agencies keep up with rising service demands across multiple health and human services, from SNAP and WIC, to Medicaid, contact tracing and Pandemic EBT, along with other emerging or expanding agency initiatives.

We know what’s at stake. And our clients know they can rely on Conduent to help them through the pandemic, and in the months and years ahead. Read our new eBook to learn more.

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