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Case study: Transforming a major telecom provider’s F&A operations

Read how Conduent transformed a global telecom provider's F&A operations, saving $72M and achieving 96% discount capture rate through automation, standardization and innovation.

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This case study highlights the transformation of a major global telecom provider's Finance and Accounting (F&A) operations to improve efficiency, accuracy, and savings. In 2004, the telecom company's F&A functions were paper-driven and disjointed due to multiple acquisitions. Conduent, the solutions partner, initiated a comprehensive overhaul of their F&A processes, leading to significant improvements.

Key solutions included standardizing workflows, implementing a duplicate-audit prevention system, creating an onshore/offshore delivery model, and integrating with the client's ERP system. Today, Conduent handles 100% of the telecom giant's AP functions, resulting in $72M in savings, a 96% discount capture rate, 98% automation, and a 99% reduction in exception processing. Vendor and employee satisfaction also increased to 97%, showcasing the success of the partnership.