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Conference Spotlight: Cultivating an Environment for Better Health

Acting as a catalyst for change is paramount in the pursuit of a better tomorrow. We’re excited to listen, learn, and participate in the 2017 CSTE Conference in Boise, Idaho. This year’s conference focuses on “Cultivating an Environment for Better Health,” with speakers and exhibitors exploring all aspects of environmental management and its impact on human health.

Often, it’s easier to focus on treating the effects than preventing the cause. However, for long-term population health, it’s essential to analyze, understand, and mitigate the risks we face in our environment. CSTE provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge and strategies for enhancing the health of the world.

This conference allows industry experts from all over to network and share their expertise in surveillance and epidemiology. Workshops, plenary sessions, breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, and poster presentations cover a broad range of areas including informatics, infectious diseases, immunizations, environmental health, occupational health, chronic disease, injury control, and maternal and child health.

Standing alongside other key movers and shakers in the public health sector, Conduent Public Health Solutions is showcasing how Maven can support public health endeavors by connecting public health programs to technology built for specific department needs.

On Monday, June 5th at 5:45 – 6:30 PM in the Cottonwoods Boise Centre, delve into the eCR capabilities of Maven as we demonstrate ways to send, receive and use electronic health information through secure data exchange. Embrace interoperability by leveraging hospital and laboratory data through Maven interfaces. Conduent Public Health Solutions works collaboratively with health organizations to create data solutions that fortify program strategy and effectiveness.

For more information, visit us anytime during the conference (June 4th through 7th) at Booth #3 to experience a live demonstration and learn more about how we use Maven to better our environment through collaboration and technological innovation.

We hope to see you there!