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Expand Your WIC Horizons with Multi-tenant WIC Connect

As the 2020 deadline for WIC EBT implementation approaches for the 90 WIC programs across the country, there’s more than one decision to make. It isn’t just a question of implementing EBT for issuance and redemption to meet the mandate. Solutions differ a great deal, and you need to weigh factors unique to your program when making your choice on how to proceed.

By now, you know the chief benefits of WIC EBT. Convenience for your cardholders. Lower administrative costs and a reduced management burden for you. Better data and analytics to fight fraud and make plans for the future.

But what if you could move up to the next level of benefits? One of the great opportunities of WIC EBT – 90 different programs taking on this expansion on a similar timeline – has been mostly untapped. While your program has unique needs, one or more of the challenges you’re faced with has probably cropped up in one or more other states. What if you could not only keep pace with other states, but work together with them to expand functionality for all your participants?

Building on our proven technology for helping you deliver WIC EBT, we now offer our configurable WIC Connect multi-tenant solution built on EPPIC, our proprietary processing platform. The enhanced administrative and configuration layer makes it possible to customize components easily, delivering all the functions you need and none of the functions you don’t. Any configurable feature or rule is available to all tenants in this multi-tenant solution. So as states solve the challenges they have in common with new features, available functionality for all states expands – without the need for extensive system changes, new procurements, or contract change orders.

“This solution provides a true configurable, functionality-sharing environment,” said Michael Langenohl, General Manager, Conduent State & Local Solutions. “That helps WIC programs spend less on enhancements while still delivering more and better services for the population that depends on WIC benefits.”

Wondering whether multi-tenant WIC Connect is right for your program? Current Conduent WIC EBT clients and new clients alike can benefit. Programs that have yet to transition to WIC EBT can transition directly to the multi-tenant WIC Connect environment without an intermediate step, providing access to greater benefits right away.

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