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Sailing Toward a Bright Horizon at NCCSD 2018

Spring is a busy time for child support conferences – it seems like our team had just returned from ERICSA’s annual conference in Daytona Beach when it was time to head to Norfolk, Virginia, for the annual National Council of Child Support Directors (NCCSD) event. As an Admiral-level sponsor, we’re proud to support the work that NCCSD does and we embraced the opportunity to participate in important conversations about the future of the child support program.

Here are some of the sessions our team found particularly enjoyable and inspiring:

  • The Gig Economy: Entering Uncharted Waters – This was a great session on dealing with those who are now earning their living through the “gig economy.” As the nature of work changes, child support collection methods need to keep pace. Many people in the workforce now support themselves as contingent workers and as informal contract workers. They set their own work schedules and work when they want to, shunning office buildings and the traditional 9-to-5, 5-day workweek. This session discussed how child support collection methods for this group should be reviewed and considered.
  • Captains and Crews: Employer Relations – Along those same lines, there was discussion about the fact that 75% of child support collections come through employers. The federal office and states are looking for more efficient ways to communicate with employers so that requests can be handled quickly and aren’t cumbersome to employers.
  • Righting the Ship: Public Perception of the IV-D Program and Rebranding Strategies – Public perception of the child support program is important. States offered ways that they are seeking to improve this perception through better customer service, more online accessibility, public service messages, and better communication.

As you can tell from the session titles above, the conference embraced Norfolk’s proud nautical tradition, and organizers put together a number of great opportunities for attendees to experience the flavor of our host city, including dinner at science and technology museum Nauticus and a tour of the USS Wisconsin. Congratulations to Craig Burshem, Deputy Commissioner and Director of Virginia’s Division of Child Support Enforcement and outgoing NCCSD President – he and his team planned a fantastic conference and executed perfectly on the plan. Congratulations also go to Erin Frisch, Michigan’s Child Support Director and the incoming NCCSD President. We’ll be excited to experience “Pure Michigan” this time next year when it’s their turn to host.

These are just a few of the highlights from several jam-packed days in Norfolk that balanced thought-provoking sessions and entertaining activities – we could have shared many more. Tell us yours in the comments below.

And we’re already looking forward to the biggest child support conference of the year – NCSEA’s Leadership Symposium in August, which takes place this year in Pittsburgh. As states determine their approach to legacy CSE systems and embrace new ways to communicate with stakeholders, we look forward to sharing ways we can help child support programs embrace innovation. Hope to see you there!