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The Conduent Day of Service and Sharing – Employees Giving Back to Communities Around the Globe

Mike Burns is Chief of Staff at Conduent

At Conduent we believe a successful corporation should be an active participant in society. Our commitment as a good corporate citizen centers on supporting our employees and the causes they value, in the communities where they live and work. Conduent has a responsibility to be engaged in our communities and support causes that matter to employees and customers around the world. That support needs to be more than financial; it must also involve human capital. Sweat equity is essential.

To show our commitment to the communities around the world where our teammates live and Conduent does work, December 18th is “The Conduent Day of Service and Sharing.” It’s a day where our global employees are banding together to organize group volunteer projects to help make the world a better place – one project, one city at a time. 

We didn’t tell employees what to do or where to volunteer. We want to tap into their existing charitable passions and support the causes that matter to them. We’ve heard of teams planning toy drives for needy children, serving meals at a homeless shelter, supporting a domestic violence agency and so much more.

Data shows that companies can shape their cultures to be more effective by strengthening their workplace giving, employee volunteering and other pro-social behavioral change efforts. Best-in-class programs that positively transform culture have engagement at their core. These initiatives focus on companies' most sustainable differentiator — their people — and connecting them with causes and issues about which they are passionate. This is exactly what The Conduent Day of Service and Sharing is doing.

We know our teammates are engaged. Since we started tracking the data last year, when Conduent was formed, we’ve seen a 44% increase in the amount of volunteer hours our employees have given; and an 80% increase in the number of people volunteering. This is time away from family or means catching up on work after hours – all so they can make someone else’s life a little better.

This passion is not limited to the United States; it’s worldwide. In our Asia-Pacific region, teams have the most robust Corporate Social Responsibility Programs of any in the company. Their level of commitment in this area is unrivaled and our employees in the Philippines and Guatemala are also very active – and continuing to grow. The Conduent Foundation has seen a 170% increase in international charitable donations and a 114% increase in the number of international grants.

One of our most important priorities as a values-driven company is serving the communities where we live and work. Our commitment to making a positive contribution to society is a vital part of our culture and extends across all our locations.

Nobody expects to solve all the world’s problems in one day. But one day of service and sharing can help make the world a better place for somebody — and that’s how change happens. One voice, one project, one small gift at a time.