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Philadelphia Adopts Transformational Fare Payment System

SEPTA Introduces the Key Card Solution Using Open Payments

When it comes to revamping its fare payment system for the 21st century, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is really moving—into the future and beyond.

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That new experience—with its inherent convenience and operational efficiencies—is now a part of Philadelphia’s transit system. Bus, trolley, subway, regional rail, paratransit vehicles and parking facilities are easier to pay for and use than ever before.

Travelers can use SEPTA-issued smart cards, which can be loaded and reloaded at retail locations, or even use their own contactless bank cards or NFC-enabled smartphones.

Call it transportation transformation, set to speed access to all SEPTA services while reducing operating and maintenance costs. And because it’s based on open standards and non-proprietary technologies, it can be easily updated as the industry changes.



SEPTA Introduces the Key Card Solution Using Open Payments