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Attracting Jobseekers to Parking Careers

Conduent Transportation’s U.K. team recently took part in a parking careers “lunch and learn” session during the British Parking Association’s (BPA) 2021 annual conference.

BPA VP Jade Neville, who serves as Conduent Transportation’s U.K. Parking Head of User Experience, and Emma Moses, Training Manager for Conduent Parking Solutions, addressed an array of parking career issues. Topics included the need for continuous professional development within the parking sector and the misconception that parking occupations are short term jobs for an unskilled labour market. Also addressed was the general lack of awareness regarding the various career paths available to individuals within the sector.

In the U.K., the need for workforce development and management, especially for enforcement officers, is growing quickly. U.K. parking authorities need strategies to help successfully develop and train their workforces for careers in parking.

“It takes parking industry expertise to attract high-quality professionals into the field and our goal is to turn what some may view as a dead-end job, into a structure that will help them grow their careers within the parking sector,” Neville explained.

Conduent Transportation’s executives also highlighted the need for standards in parking career education and training. “While there is little formal education available for people who work in parking, we want to make sure those who work in this field are able to continually learn and build successful careers,” Moses explained.

To learn more, please click here to view a replay of the event.