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ExpertPay Offers More Convenience to Payroll Service Providers

The timely, accurate payment of child support isn’t just an issue for the parents and children involved. In many cases, the employer of the parent who owes support is responsible for withholding the correct amount from every paycheck and remitting it to the state where the income withholding order was established. Every state has its own requirements, and keeping up with all of them can be a challenge.

Which is complex enough, right? Now imagine you’re a payroll provider, responsible for remitting on behalf of multiple employers, all of whom are responsible for remitting on behalf of multiple employees. Employees are always joining and leaving companies; the amount of their withholding order could change; and new cases are being opened and closed. Keeping up with all of this is a headache.

This is why we’ve expanded our ExpertPay solution. Hundreds of thousands of employers already use this online payment solution as a quicker, easier, more secure way of making child support payments. With our extensive experience handling employers’ needs, we’ve built a new application for payroll service providers that delivers even more convenience for this customer group.

With a single sign-on, ExpertPay gives payroll service providers one simple place to manage the payment of client child support withholdings. This way, payroll providers can:

  • Save and maintain employer client information
  • Save and maintain employee withholding information for quick payments
  • Add multiple users to the account
  • Individually define each user’s authorization

It’s flexible, secure and easy to use and allows one-stop for payroll providers to remit to multiple state agencies on behalf of their clients. Watch this video for more about the benefits of using ExpertPay.