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Laura B: Listening to Ensure Members Feel Understood

“His gratitude reminded me why I enjoy doing what I do.”

Laura B. studied to become a certified nursing assistant, took nursing classes, and worked directly with patients in the field. The past 14 years, however, she has been reaching out by phone to health plan members as an agent for Conduent. She credits the company’s emphasis on strong teams, its excellent training, and its genuine regard for its agents and the people they call for Conduent’s reputation for excellence.

“I’ve always been a very understanding person who can empathize with pretty much anyone I meet, so I feel that definitely helps with the work that we do,” Laura says. Conduent’s training for new agents emphasizes the importance of empathy and active-listening skills , which help calls go smoother.

Such skills came into play during one call with a member who needed to schedule a colonoscopy. He admitted to Laura that he gets impatient quickly if he has to be on hold with a doctor’s office. So, Laura offered to make the appointment for him. “Luckily, when we called, the hold wasn’t long. Everyone thinks we have like this special touch and we’re going to get right through to the office. Sometimes it happens and we get lucky.” The member was pleased with the result: “His gratitude reminded me why I enjoy doing what I do. Just hearing how grateful he was made it even more enjoyable to help him get those screenings scheduled.”


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