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The Role of Toll Road Operators

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As automated and connected vehicles become more prevalent, roadway operators must answer some critical questions about infrastructure. Understanding the difference between “automated” and “connected”—and the timeframes under which they’ll reach appreciable market penetrations—is key to formulating a plan.

Today, even many mid-level automobiles have some degree of automation. And although we are many years away from completely autonomous vehicles as a norm, there is conversation around infrastructure—from signage and road markings to communications and toll revenue collection.

Although it’s tempting to think of automated vehicles and connected vehicles as the same, there are important differences toll road operators need to be aware of in terms of what infrastructure needs and when.

In our white paper, “Connected and Automated Vehicles: The Role of Toll Road Operators”, operators take an in-depth and thorough look at the realities, and explore how changing technologies may dictate changes to toll road operations