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AgileFlow Records Manager

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Records matter. So does your time and budget. AgileFlow Records Manager increases the accuracy, efficiency, security and convenience of government records management—from recording, filing and cashiering to indexing and archiving.

Because it’s designed with integration in mind, AgileFlow Records Manager is ready to go with the printers, scanners, queue managers and other third-party hardware you frequently use.

With a streamlined implementation cycle and ability to adapt to your evolving needs, you’ll be up and running faster, and with the long-term flexibility and scalability you need for minimum disruption and maximum ROI.

Whether your office receives documents electronically or on paper, our modular, configurable solution allows you to receipt, examine, record, e-record, file, cashier, image, redact, archive, retrieve, copy and release any type of document.

When you’re looking for a flexible, easy-to-implement solution specifically developed for government records management, AgileFlow Records Manager is your best alternative.