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Public Sector Customer Care

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For government agencies, providing consistent and effective customer service can be a daunting challenge. We provide the technologies, people support and processes you need to take your customer care operation from frazzled to fantastic in no time at all.

When your constituents are looking for answers, it’s your duty to provide them. But with unpredictable workloads, slimmer budgets and lack of technology infrastructure, many government agencies struggle to provide low-cost, high-satisfaction customer care.

We provide a modular solution that can be custom configured to your programs or department, with decades of experience supporting the unique needs of the public sector.

From Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to correspondence processing and comprehensive reporting and monitoring, we can provide in-place assistance or complete outsourcing (using local talent) of even the most complex customer care operation.

Whether you need to quickly scale up to meet higher volumes, boost resolution rates or save money by leveraging our decades of investment in infrastructure, facilities and technology, you can count on our experience and expertise.