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Way2Go Card® Solution Overview

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Eliminate paper-payment costs and infrastructure with The Go Program and the MasterCard®-branded Way2Go Card.

The Go Program is a complete managed service for electronic funds disbursement via direct deposit and/or prepaid debit cards.

Whether you’re paying one time or making recurring payments, you’ll deliver funds more securely and effectively with reduced mailing, handling and printing costs, less fraud and increased customer satisfaction.

Program services are customizable to each organization’s requirements, and include enrollment, card issuance, PIN selection, interface with legacy systems, account setup and verification and more.

Our customers employ The Go Program and the Way2Go Card for:

  • Payroll and commission payments
  • Insurance payments/settlements
  • Pension/retirement benefits
  • Tax refunds
  • Union benefits
  • Jury benefits
  • And more

Member FDIC and Regulation E consumer protections.

Are you a Way2Go cardholder wishing to access your account, manage funds, or contact customer service? Login now at