Lifeline Program Administration

May 9, 2017

Programs like Lifeline, Link Up, LIHEAP and ESA deliver clear benefits to the low-income households they serve but, administratively, the relief they provide comes at a high cost.

Our centralized administration solution can provide end-to-end support to help keep your program objectives front and center while simplifying the entire customer care lifecycle.

We can help you maximize enrollment, minimize fraud and expand outreach with a full menu of services ranging from initial outreach to program reporting.

End-to-end offerings include:

  • Call center services
  • Database services
  • Website services
  • Application processing, including paper document imaging
  • Customer notification
  • Records retention
  • Data privacy
  • Program reporting services
  • Mobile-enabled services

We’ve been working directly with your target customers, in every state, for more than three decades, helping our government clients deliver programs with efficiency, sensitivity and respect.

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