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5 Benefits of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Streamline every customer touchpoint through a single platform

Your customers are more connected than ever. In today’s on-demand era, the company that can provide information, answer questions or help them accomplish goals faster, stays top of mind. In fact, in a recent report from Everest Group, 64% of customers said they expect companies to respond and interact in real-time. Meanwhile, 79% of consumers said that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, according to Salesforce.

Enabling 24/7 availability has become critical for creating outstanding, shareworthy experiences that drive repeat business, referrals and ultimately positive growth. But effectively implementing and scaling “always on” services can be a challenge for a business of any size. That’s where Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) can help by offering accelerated setup, improved flexibility and real-time analytics. This means lower operating costs, improvements in customer experience and faster time to market for your business.

Here are five of the top advantages cloud contact centers have over traditional call center deployments.

1) Deliver an omnichannel customer experience

When seeking help, customers want brands to support them using the channel of their choice via chat, text chat, or voice. CCaaS provides a single customer view through a cloud-based technology ecosystem to see all client touchpoints regardless of channel. Customers can escalate through the channel of their choice and resolve simple inquiries via chat, while leaving complex inquiries to voice channels.

2) Boost customer satisfaction

Integrating customer data into a single data center versus a variety of disparate tools and platforms enables businesses to offer ancillary products or services, proactively engage with customers and drive faster resolution for an entire household. When agents are engaged with customers, real-time analytics and sentiment analysis help agents monitor customer satisfaction and adjust approaches in real-time to ensure positive interactions, every time.

3) Optimize costs and enhance employee productivity

CCaaS provides an alternative to an on-site call center by using cloud-based technology that eliminates the need to purchase and maintain proprietary hardware or infrastructure that depreciates over time. CCaaS integrates phone capabilities with chat, email, text and social media. Agents are able to support multiple chats at one time compared to traditional voice channels. Additionally, add-on features like gamification help teams better engage with customers and foster a culture of engagement and empowerment to put the customer first.

4) Increase scalability, reliability and uptime

Whether you need a small number of agents today or need to scale for peak and seasonal fluctuations or changing market conditions, CCaaS enables you to add capacity and functionality whenever you need it with access to the latest automation and technology that helps you flex, evolve and grow over time.

Centralized cloud-based command centers provide a reliable, compliant and adaptable infrastructure leveraging advanced monitoring and security management protocols to ensure security in every transaction and enable business agility.

5) Make informed decisions faster

Streamlining communications through a cloud-based contact center enables tracking of your key performance indicators across all contact channels with real-time analytics, which helps agents make informed decisions. With these insights, organizations can analyze how many interactions it takes to solve a customer issue, identify gaps and optimize processes.

To learn more about how to deliver a holistic customer experience model,  through people and process that is enabled by CCaaS, visit our website.

About the Author

Lily Eyraud is Senior Director of Strategy & Product Management with Conduent. In her current role, Lily defines and drives strategy and product roadmaps across the organization’s client experience, financial industry solutions and multi-channel communications portfolio. With 10+ years’ experience in the financial and banking industries and an international MBA from Fuqua School of Business, Lily approaches her day-to-day global interactions with a focus on real-time product decisions, sales negotiations, and strategic planning.

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