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Hub Collaboration: Igniting Efficiency for Patient Assistance Programs

When PAPs collaborate with reimbursement support hubs, everybody wins.

The best ways to aid patients in getting from diagnosis/need-for-assistance to therapy initiation are: 

  • Make it easy
  • Make it FAST

Yet the process of getting patients going on medications through a PAP is often slowed or inhibited by the information-gathering process. Patients and their practitioners are asked to provide a host of information that they have often already given to the patient support hub during the reimbursement eligibility process.  

When the PAP isn’t collaborating with the patient support hub, it sets the stage for “duplication frustration” among patients and providers, while also slowing the onboarding process and creating unnecessary administrative costs for the PAP. 

It also keeps the PAP walled off from other outreach and engagement opportunities.

Key questions to ask:

  • What is your PAP’s goal?
  • What information do patient support hubs have that can accelerate that goal?
  • How can technology better enable access to that information?

Follow the happy path

When a PAP collaborates with a reimbursement support hub, relevant patient information can be sent directly from the hub provider to the PAP — igniting efficiency and eliminating the need to re-collect it from the patient and practitioner — while still maintaining any required firewalls as information flows only one way (from hub to PAP).

Beyond this, technology can automate numerous processes and open new lines of communication to drive PAP awareness across multiple channels.

Collaboration can:

  • Expedite and automate the dispatch of information from the hub to the PAP, such as:
    • Patient and practitioner demographics
    • Patient coverage information
    • Patient prior authorization/appeals/denial information
  • Help PAPs meet patients where they are, via any channel
  • Enable better data sharing

The bottom line

When PAPs collaborate with hubs, the benefits are far-reaching. Patients can initiate therapy faster. Duplicative information-gathering is eliminated. Patient and HCP satisfaction (the customer experience) improves through multichannel outreach and engagement and greater program awareness — which also builds brand loyalty.  Overall, program operating efficiency transforms, expenses go down and PAP value is maximized for all.

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