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Holiday Dreams For Child Support Programs

It’s that time of year again!  These days, in the frenzy of giving holiday gifts, no one is looking for the “hopalong boots” or the “dolls that will talk and go for a walk” as immortalized in song. Those toys have now been relegated to the shelves of antique stores. Instead, everyone is looking for the latest and greatest in electronics and communications, or the next “big thing” that is going to make everyday life simpler or more appealing.  It’s a time of dreaming and wishing, for both children and adults.

Conduent supports dreaming and wishing as we work with many state and local government agencies, including state child support programs. We have been dreaming of new and better ways to serve these programs, while states have been dreaming of new and better ways to serve the citizens who need their services. Sometimes we dream together. 

Dream with us a little, and start making your list!  I’m dreaming of….

  • A modernized child support information system that makes the most of the system and the staff that an agency already has, converts easily, and costs considerably less than building a system from the ground up.
  • A better way to offer personalized customer services that does not involve stuffing envelopes and talking on telephones!  Digital interactions using omni-channel technology would be a dream come true.
  • A choice of better, safer, and faster payment methods to encourage payment of child support using easily accessible options.
  • A happy and trained staff who are engaged and committed to child support work. New and better tools, a deeper understanding of the job through analytics, and morale builders would make workdays merry and bright!

Conduent’s Child Support Solutions team is ready to help dream with states and see those dreams become reality! We look forward to packing our bag and loading our virtual sleigh with the latest and greatest in digital interactions, innovations and powerful tools to improve and enhance the delivery of child support services. We want to make dreams come true!  Happy holidays, and keep dreaming.