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Opening Doors to Eligibility Services with Omni-Channel Options

At times, there’s an unfortunate paradox in government services: the citizens who need services the most often have the fewest resources with which to pursue them.

When citizens need to access much-needed government assistance benefits, they’re often starting from zero. How do they reach out? Who do they reach out to? Even if limiting factors of the past like confusing phone trees and limited office hours are much less widespread than they used to be, the challenges can still be daunting.

The answer: omni-channel service. In today’s connected world, consumers want to manage their benefits on their own time in their own way; omni-channel service makes that possible.  By making it possible for individuals to connect through their preferred channel, whatever that might be, governments can ease the process of applying for and securing benefits..

As the name suggests, omni-channel service can include a wide variety of communication options, including:

  • Text
  • Webchat
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

Each of these options makes communication easier and the exchange of information more timely and accurate. And with the right communication and information, individuals seeking service can get what they need when they need it. Whichever option they choose, the end user should find their experience seamless and satisfying.

Let’s say a young mother who needs help with food benefits wants to know her options. While her baby naps, she finds the webchat option on her state’s website and reaches out for help. With omni-channel service provided by Conduent, she proceeds through steps such as:

  • Receiving assistance via webchat or phone as she begins the application process, including links to a secure portal or mobile app she can use to complete her application
  • Choosing which notification channel she prefers for further communication
  • Submitting documents and information at her own convenience
  • Receiving a push notification from her state program with the address of the nearest food bank or other helpful information
  • Receiving a notification via text (the channel she selected) when a needed document is missing
  • Submitting the missing form by taking a picture of it with her smartphone and uploading it via app; the new form is automatically linked to her application
  • Receiving a notification of her benefits once her application is processed and deemed eligible

At any time throughout the process, she can move seamlessly across channels and connect to an agent if desired. She receives proactive notifications when she needs to take an action, and she manages her benefits with ease.

Conduent provides eligibility and enrollment services for health and human services, including omni-channel support. Our solutions are built on modern digital platforms that provide strategic, confidential access to core data and analytics—so your agency can not only serve your customers in the present, but also report, manage, and plan for the future.