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Conduent Transportation Featured in Transit Tech Spotlight

Conduent Transportation is proud to be one of the first partners to join the Coalition for Smarter Transportation (CoaST), a group launched earlier this year to advocate for policies and programs that get the highest return on investment from infrastructure. As members of CoaST, we are focused on two key objectives. First, better integrating technology across the transportation spectrum, from transit to roads and bridges. Second, improving financial sustainability of transportation infrastructure with efficiency, rather than relying only on capital investments.

As an industry leader in the transportation technology space, Conduent Transportation understands the importance of educating ourselves, our partners, and our clients on cutting edge innovations across the industry. We provide solutions that enhance digital interactions and improve mobility at all levels for public transit, electronic toll collection, parking, and public safety – to enhance the passenger experience and optimize operations. By managing essential aspects of our clients' operations, we ensure we deliver individual, immediate, and intelligent digital interactions to our clients, their customers, and communities.     

In the second issue of CoaST’s newly launched report publication released in November 2018, the transit technology content spotlighted includes two of Conduent’s innovations. The Transit Tech Spotlight on Trip Planning - Fare Collection – Integration was developed to share information a variety of new tools related to trip planning, fare collection and management, and planning and integration. It features two Conduent transit solutions: ATLAS® and the VPE430 universal validator. ATLAS is the complete back-office solution we offer for fare collection and management, and is built on a modular platform and with the ability to integrate easily with open APIs, so that our clients get the right solution to meet their unique needs. The VPE430 universal validator works with every variety of ticket on the market today, including paper, mobile, smart media, and contactless bank cards.

Want to learn more? Register for the “Transit Tech Spotlight:  Trip Planning-Fare Payment-Integration” webinar hosted by CoaST on December 4, where I’ll be highlighting Conduent’s innovative tools.  Can’t make it to the webinar?  Email me directly to schedule a time to chat.