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Digital Transformation Resonates in NASCIO’s State CIO Top Ten

Every year, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) surveys U.S. state and territorial CIOs to identify their top strategic and technological imperatives. Over the years, these Top Ten lists have served as a national barometer, providing insight into what state CIOs consider to be their biggest challenges and opportunities.

Conduent finds NASCIO’s annual survey helpful for identifying and tracking key trends. This year's report, "The State CIO Top Ten List: Why It's More Than a List" adds a new dimension. In addition to the list of priorities, NASCIO tied each listed item to an underlying "driving force": Political, Market, Customer or Inertial. As explained in this year's report, each of the four separate forces impact or influence how state CIOs operate and set their priorities.

For example, the concept of Digital Government ranked 4th on this year’s NASCIO top ten list. And this concept is driven by Customer Forces.

This survey result dovetails with Conduent’s evolution toward consumer-driven digital interactions. The emergence of digital government as a top state CIO priority is important because it opens new possibilities for service delivery. For example, once a process or workflow is running on a digital platform, state CIOs can improve efficiency, deliver that service in real time, tailor it to each individual constituent, and use the data from every digital interaction to gain intelligent insights, according to NASCIO’s research.

Much like the state government CIOs surveyed, Conduent is working to re-frame its solutions along non-linear lines. Just as state CIO priorities are driven by underlying forces, we too are evolving our solutions to meet ever-growing digital demands. Also like the state CIOs NASCIO surveyed, Conduent is working to keep up with the pace of change, better interpret changes as they arise, and inform business decisions going forward.


Conduent’s Digital Interaction Strategy

Key elements of Conduent’s Digital Interaction strategy include:

  • An experience that’s curated to feel individualized;
  • A delivery model that’s immediate, both for end-users and across all operations;
  • Value chains that integrate across platforms and organizations to increase intelligence, improve efficiency and lower costs; and
  • A wide variety of intelligent data, harnessed to enhance each user’s experience, and inform decision-making.

By applying those four underlying driving forces, NASCIO’s researchers found it easier to interpret each of the survey’s top ten state CIO priorities. Other trends cited in NASCIO’s survey report that mesh well with Conduent’s strategy include:

We both can see the evolution to brokered services: NASCIO’s reported that 85 percent of state CIOs expect to become a ‘broker’ of at least some services, while the other 15 percent see themselves evolving toward, or are already employing a broker model. Conduent recognizes the need to help state CIOs ‘broker’ or deliver solutions that integrate across multiple platforms, agencies, partners and suppliers. 

We both embrace cloud-driven platforms. Cloud-based delivery models can help meet constituent demands by making services available that state governments may not otherwise be able to ramp up quickly enough. Because the tech sector is moving so fast, “cloud services are evolving into ‘digital platforms’ that government agencies can buy ‘as a service,’” according to the NASCIO report.

We both understand the need to work closely together. State CIOs must engage and partner with technology suppliers, and develop a market-based strategy that will help state CIOs use the broadest possible array of available services.

As a longstanding trusted technology solutions and services partner, Conduent stands ready to assist state government CIOs and work to collaboratively achieve your digital government transformation goals.